Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Do I have to have a permit for my fence?

A: It depends on what your county requires. In Highlands County, yes, you are required to have a permit for your new fence. As a licensed contractor, we will be happy to complete the permit application and purchase your permit. The permit fee will be included in your total price. There is no additional cost to you for this service. If your contractor tells you to get your permit, it is probably a good indication that he is not registered with the building department and is working in the county illegally.


Q: How long does it take to install my fence?

A: For an average yard, it takes two half days. On the first day, we will set your fence posts, and allow the concrete to harden over night. The following day we will come back, build your fence and install your gates.


Q: How tall can my fence be?

A: In most areas, you can have up to a 6' high fence in your back yard. Front and side yard fence heights vary by your location, as well as types of privacy fences allowed in certain areas. We suggest that you check with your homeowners' association and/or city or county zoning department for specifics in your neighborhood.


Q: There is an easement in my yard. Can I still go to my property line?

A: It depends on the type of easement you have. If it is a utility easement, you can have your new fence installed to the line; however, you must be aware that the utility companies have to have access to their equipment. You may be asked to remove your fence if they ever need to access their equipment running through the easement in your yard. If it is a drainage easement, we recommend that you not have your fence installed in the easement to avoid blocking the flow of drainage water.


Q: Will you install the fence on the property line?

A: We will install your fence 3-4" from the property line, so that the entire installation is on your property. Fences installed on the line are shared by your neighbor.


Q: Do I have to have my yard surveyed before you install the fence?

A: Not necessarily. If you know where your property markers are located, and can show us, you will not have to have a survey done. If you don't know where they are, but have a survey of your property, we will attempt to locate and expose the markers for you. This is done as a courtesy, after we are awarded the job. If we are unable to find the markers, then you will need to contact a surveyor to locate and expose the corners. You don't have to have a full survey done unless you want one. Your surveyor will probably charge to locate the property markers, but it is usually a lesser charge than a complete survey fee.


Q: I have a very small dog, about 4 pounds. Will he be able to get out?

A: Probably. Get rid of him and get a real dog!  Just kidding.  There are several options for a dog that will not stay in the fenced yard.  We've learned by experience, being the owners of Buzz, our Jack Russell Terrier.


Q: I want to put my fence up myself. Can I buy the materials from you?

A: Of course you can. We will even help you determine what you need and give you tips to make your installation easier, if you need them. We will help you keep your waste down. For example, if you only need 260 feet of chain link fence, you won't have to buy 300 feet. We would be happy to split a roll with you.


Q: I have an old, ratty fence in my yard now. Will you remove it, or do I have to do that?

A: Either way. If you want us to remove it before we install your new fence, we would be happy to do that. If you want to save a little money and remove it yourself, that's fine, too. If you remove the old fence, but have no way of hauling it to the dump, we'll do it for you. Fees are based on footage.


Q: I have a tree in the fence line. Will you cut it down?

A: No. We are not tree specialists, nor do we have the equipment to remove trees. We can recommend someone for you. Depending on the style of fence and the location and size of the tree, we may be able to go around the tree without you incurring the expense of tree removal.


Q: My lawn is beautiful. How will it look when you are finished?

A: It will still be beautiful. We will clean up after ourselves, and except for a little sand around the posts, it will look like your fence just sprung up overnight!


Q:  Can chain link fence be installed to match the curves of my flower gardens or must it be in a straight line?

A:  Chain link fence can be curved around your flower beds to some extent, depending on how tight the curve is.  If it's a sweeping curve, it is very likely that the chain link will follow the curve.  If it changes directins, like an "S" curve, that may be more difficult.  Also, curves will sometimes require more posts to get the effect.





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