Gates and Gate Operators



   Gates can be very simple or involved, both in appearance, as well as operation.  If you will be driving a vehicle through your gate, we recommend an opening of 10' or 12', if you have the room, vs. the minimum 8' required. The cost difference is minimal, and the extra width is nice when you are backing a trailer through the gate. 
   Hardware options are varied, and require some decisions on security. Things to consider are security - locks that are keylockable and accessible from both sides of your gate, magna latches for pool safety, single or double latch systems, or self-closing hinges. Double drive gates are available with drop rods, or can be customized with hardware based on intended use. 
   Gate operators can be added to any gate. They are a large investment to your entry gate and fence, but with that in mind, you want an operator that will give you years of service, not one that you'll be replacing every summer! Our operator of choice is Door King, but others are available, depending on your situation. We can help you decide what is best for your situation.
   Gate operators can be very simple to very elaborate, if that is what you need, and are applicable for homes, businesses or gated communities. We will help you determine what features you need on your operator. With safety in mind, some features will be added as a "standard" from Brooker Fence Company. After your operator is installed, we will go over how to use it, and what to do if the power goes off! Living in Florida, we know that's a real possibility during our summer thunderstorms.
   Did you know that when you hire Brooker Fence Company to install your new gate operator, you will receive our services for one year at no charge, should you have a problem with your operator, that's not related to people or animals. (If someone crashes the gate and smashes the operator, that doesn't count!)

Ornamental roll gate, located behind the Highlands County Courthouse, in Sebring, FL.

Dual swing gate with name centered in an oval.


Coventry style gate (scalloped), shown here 4' high at highest point.